All Steamed Up by Kathy Lette

The idea behind this book is for all us mums to take some time to ourselves, lock the bathroom door, run a radox bubble bath then sink into said bubbles with this book (which has been published using waterproof pages – which is pretty cool – in case we’re silly enough to drop it) and chill out.

Sounds like a plan to me… and that’s what I did when the book dropped through my door today.  At 12.30pm (in the afternoon for those of you trying to figure out times!) I told my other half I was having a bath and he was on child control (like pest control only less swatting) and off I went with book in one hand and radox in the other.  I was expecting a real feel-good story, so imagine my surprise when I read 38 pages (the length of the book) of unremitting misery.  The story is about a woman who’s husband plays tonsil hockey with her stepsister on her wedding day and it goes rapidly downhill from there.

I won’t spoil the ending for you but suffice to say it did not make me relax and enjoy my bath or even exit the bathroom with a new inclination to breeze through the day after having some well deserved me-time.  No, I left the bathroom wondering if the point of the book was to make me look at my life and think “well, it doesn’t suck quite as much as I thought it did!”

So now to the competition – if I haven’t put you off this book for life! (It isn’t badly written, it’s just not a feel-good bathtime read).