Men of the Otherworld by Kelley Armstrong

I’d already read three out of the four tales on Kelley’s website prior to her removing them for inclusion into this book. She decided to release them in book format and is giving all proceeds of the book to the World Literacy of Canada book benefit, so I don’t believe anyone can complain about now having to pay for something that was originally offered for free!

The first story in the book, Infusion (originally available on the website), covers the conception of Jeremy, so the main focus is his father, Malcolm, and how he meets Jeremy’s mother. It brings readers of the Otherworld series, further insight into why Jeremy’s and Malcom’s relationship is so negative from the start. The second story, Savage (originally available on the website), brings to life how Jeremy and Clay meet and brings an added depth to the many quirks you discover in Clay throughout the main series of books. Kelley captures the essence of their relationship and shows it to the readers with her ever-present style and passion. Ascension, (the third and last story that was originally available on the website) tells us the story of Jeremy’s elevation to Pack Leader and shares with those who have followed the series how and why Clay is the most feared werewolf around. The fourth story (and likely the one fans were waiting for) is Kitsunegari and focuses mainly on Jeremy, with a little more detail on his and Jaime’s relationship.

As always, Kelley delivers what she promises. An entertaining set of stories, answering questions thrown up in other books, while leaving more questions unanswered ready for further books. For people new to the series, this book would be a good opener in one respect, introducing you to Clay and Jeremy before the story of Bitten starts. But on the other hand, by reading this first, it will spoil the story to be told in No Humans Involved.

On a whole, a well-rounded book, laying the groundwork for further stories in the future!